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MXR pedals are stompbox standard, from the classic Dynacomp and Carbon Copy Delay, to the Phase 90 and the octave fuzz Blue Box used by Jimmy Page.The main reported difference between the new and vintage versions of the pedal is that the vintage pedals (which is what this pedal is based off of) have a warmer tone when compared to the mid-range hump of the modern DS-1.They found that guitarists loved the sound of the M87, but were turned off by the word "bass" printed on it.With all-analog true-bypass circuitry, your tone gets the best.It was designed to emulate an over-driven pushing a 4 x 12 cabinet.

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With 2 variable HCC controls in separate parts of the circuit, and two EQ controls to sculpt your tone, the DISTORTION goes from transparent boost to crunchy overdrive to full-on distortion box with ease.

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MXR was a Rochester, New York-based manufacturer of effects pedals, co-founded in 1972 by Keith Barr and Terry Sherwood and incorporated as MXR Innovations, Inc. in 1974. The MXR trademark is now owned by Jim Dunlop, which continues to produce the original effects units along with new additions to the line.A great distortion pedal should have the ability to emulate a full-on amp stack sound even with a minimal 15-watt practice amp.

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Maxed out the MXR Pedal produces an extreme fuzz with long sustain.

Wonderful bucket brigade analog system reminiscent of the old DOD FX90.It is strikingly similar to the DOD Overdrive 250 distortion pedal.

Given the recent resurgence of Klon obsession, we were excited to get our hands on this one and see how it fares compared to some of the current klones.Well, the folks at MXR finally got it right, and they did it with the blessing and the buy-in of Mr.In my review of the MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay, I was impressed with the sound quality.The most notable feature that is present on this pedal is the Mid knob.

It has everything you need to get a great range of rock, blues and metal tones, sounds great with different guitar and amp setups, and has a real natural valve-amp feel to it.

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Previously owned MXR Doubleshot M-151 Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal This pedal is in good condition.

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MXR M116 Fullbore Metal Distortion Pedal Review

It features a cammo paint job, and some of the most aggressive distortion to come out of a distortion pedal.This pedal is unbelievably easy to use, two pots, one for volume and one for distortion and as you might have guessed a switch to turn it off and on.

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The Ugly Truth About MXR Super Badass Distortion Recently I was able to sit down with a pedal that has had a lot of attention lately, The MXR Super Badass Distortion.Modern guitar effect signal chains are full of all kinds of pedals.This little yellow box is responsible for those great distortion sounds heard on so many classic recordings.With this level of versatility, you can conveniently use this distortion pedal for a.

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