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Devotion to our animals continues from breeding to harvest to table in order to provide your family with the highest quality beef available at the best price possible.

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Steaks and Game is the ultimate destination for meat lovers on the hunt for the steak experience of their lives.Accepting: For our E-Commerce store ONLY, we do not accept those in any of our stores. Meat & Seafood: Grocery & Gourmet Food

Order Fresh USDA Prime Steaks online and get them shipped directly to your door.USDA Prime Private Stock Bring home the flavor of the finest restaurants.

I used a 5lb 3 rib roast, followed the easy directions, and my Friend and Buddy (Wife) of 48 years said it was the best tasting and cooked prime rib I had ever made.

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Prime beef is a designation of meat quality that describes the highest quality beef.Grain-finished grass fed beef online ordering gives you access to pasture-raised, high-quality delicious beef.

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Serious grill masters know that USDA Prime beef means quality.

Order your lean meat from Muscle Food today for guaranteed freshness delivered direct to your door.Commodity beef comes from factory farmed and raised steer that are grown as quickly as possible and as cheaply as possible.

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It has slightly abundant marbling (the amount of fat interspersed with lean meat), and is generally sold in upscale restaurants.

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Less than 3 percent of beef earns the Prime label.but all Prime is not the same.Includes: 2 12oz each Certified Angus Beef Strip Steaks, wet- and dry-aged, and 2 12oz Prime Strip Steaks, wet and dry-aged The holidays are a time for celebration.The primary USDA Certification factors are young maturity of the beef, texture, tenderness, bright cherry color of the lean portion of the steak and distribution of marbling within the lean portion.

Tongue, Bone In Shank, Oxtail, Feet, Tripes (Scalded, Honeycomb, Omashum Book).

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Featuring USDA Prime dry-aged Beef, Natural Prime Beef, American Wagyu Beef, Berkshire Pork, all-natural lamb, poultry, and other gourmet meat selections.Premium meats not found at grocery stores or other online shops.

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High-end beef, such as Kobe, Wagyu or USDA Prime, that was once available only at steak houses and expensive restaurants is increasingly showing up in grocery stores.As exceptional as the land on which it is raised, Canadian beef is excellence without compromise.We are a family owned and operated business with a passion for fresh meats.

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USDA Graded our mail order steaks as the top 2% of beef in the US.The same prime steaks served in great restaurants delivered to your home.

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